About Tim

Tim Moen has been the Leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada since 2014 when he popularized the campaign slogan “I want gay married couples to protect their marijuana plants with guns.”

Tim has an M.A. in Leadership from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC. He has been invited to speak around the world on topics like leadership, liberty, self-improvement and masculinity. Events have included Anarchapulco, US Libertarian National Convention, TEDx, Washington LP Convention, Capitalism and Morality Conference, and 420 Vancouver.

In his 25 year career as a firefighter/paramedic Tim has been involved in responding to every kind of emergency and disaster imaginable and has progressed through leadership positions including Battalion Chief and Deputy Chief. In 2015 Tim testified as an expert witness (Fire Officer) in a constitutional challenge medical cannabis growers brought against the government of Canada (Allard v. Canada) that resulted in medical cannabis growing being recognized as a constitutional right. Tim lives near Edmonton Alberta with his wife Tena. They have 4 grown children.

You can follow Tim on his blog at http://www.timmoen.net/ and on Twitter @moen_tim.